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Advanced Features:

Store Finder also provides a selection of advanced features specifically designed to enhance the outlet search experience for your web visitors.

Advanced Features

High accuracy & relevance line of sight distance calculations:
Results are automatically sorted based on direct line of sight (as the crow flies).
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Territory Manager:
Sales regions can be assigned to multiple postcodes allowing one entity to provide products and/or services to a wide area.
  read more about store finder's territory manager

Access Powerful Market Research:
In addition to being a powerful website application, Store Finder can also be a powerful market research tool. Aggregate and analyse your Store Finder data to understand your geographic markets, asses emerging trends or find new territory opportunities.
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Live Mapping:
Detailed Street maps accurately pinpoint and clearly display the desired location to the user, including popular landmarks to help orient and guide visitors.
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Fully Customisable Results and Appearance:
Match the look and feel of your website.  Fields can include opening hours, contact names, nearest cross streets, available services, downloadable brochure's and PDFs, and even maps and photographs!
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