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Case Studies: and Testimonials

The testimonials below reflect the experiences of the people who have chosen to provide feedback about Store Finder. These are candid, unedited comments.

Case Study: Falken Tyres

When the time came for Falken Tyres to upgrade their website with a fresh new look, and powerful new features to expand their business, they called on Key Essentials, a major Brisbane Web development company.

Falken required an outlet locator system as a must have for the new site. The old system being a real thorn in their side, difficult to manage and impossible for visitors to use.

Key Essentials research lead them to Store Finder as a possible solution. They completed the form on the Store Finder homepage and within 24 hours was running a trial of Store Finder.

Within a couple of hours they had prepared the spreadsheet of locations and upload it into the system. 15 minutes after this they had updated the code on the Falken website and the system was live and working perfectly.

They then contacted Store Finder staff with instructions to match the graphics of the website with the results pages to provide a more consistent look. They did this within hours and the results were terrific.

They unveiled the final outcome to the client with some fanfare and pride. Falken was ecstatic and amazed at how quickly the whole thing had come together.

Business at Falken is good today with Store Finder underpinning a well-designed, functional business website. We continue to do business with Key Essentials and have been told that they will be recommending Store Finder to other clients.


I was recently asked to put together a list of stores to find their nearest dealer location by postcode or town, and my job was made so much easier with Store Finder. If you’re looking for a smart, practical and easy to install store finder, then look no further.

What the Store Finder crew have developed is fantastic. They have covered everything - it even checks your data sets for errors.

I can certainly verify that back up support is only a phone call away, and I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to list their stores in this way.

So save yourself time, money and energy and take the trial. The hard work has already been done for you – You will love it.

Nolene Wood
Key Essentials Web Developer

Case Study: 1300 Physio

1300 Physio is a company dedicated to identifying the best independent physio therapists, Australia wide, and putting them all into one easily accessible database.

In 2007 they examined Store Finder carefully and found that it almost perfectly met the needs of their clients. Our philosophy of elegant simplicity greatly appealed them and they had confidence in our people and technology.

Due to their special business model, 1300 Physio needed a custom location solution and asked if we could provide it. We carefully profiled and documented their needs and eventually delivered a system for them which is simple, effective and above all reliable, which lies at the core of their growing business.

It was delivered on time, on budget and above all, to specification. They have never looked back.


I have no problem with giving Store Finder and their crew our full endorsement. Everything they committed to was well delivered and we have had nothing but success.

Anthony Collins
Business Manager

Testimonial: International Network of Churches

We have used StoreFinder for well over 5 years and find it to be a reliable and accurate service to help people locate our churches throughout Australia.

The church locator page is one of the busiest on our website and we find the service to be invaluable.

International Network of Churches

Testimonial: CMI Industries

Store Finder has become integral to CMI Industries online marketing campaign.

Before Store Finder we either had to have a list of over 100 retail outlets our laser level tools could be purchased or rely on customers calling our office. Now customers can locate a retail store near them that stocks our range of laser levels within seconds.

As a key part of our online strategy Store Finder has without any doubt increased sales.

Store Finder has been easy to integrate into our in house designed website and their technical support has been quick to help us with any questions and custom requirements.

A great product all round and one that I am happy to recommend.

Grant Cookson, Operations Manager
CMI Industries

Testimonial: Elmore Oil

Store Finder is great. It allows our clients to quickly gain access to their nearest outlet. It is also a great help to our own office staff answering enquiries over the phone and providing store locations quickly and easily. It saves them considerable time.

Prior to Store Finder we had to search through alphabetical lists and now with around 1600 locations it would a nightmare to continue with that system. Store Finder makes our store locations more accessible and has had a positive impact on sales by supporting our marketing efforts.

A surprisingly useful product.

Mark Linford, Managing Director
Elmore Oil

Testimonial: Ganton Shop

The Store Finder system proved to be the perfect solution for our website in terms of its functionality, accessibility and cost effectiveness.

Installation was straight forward and customer support was always prompt and effective.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Store Finder for any online businesses that require a search function to enable visitors to locate their various store locations throughout Australia.

Greg Davis
Ganton Shop

Testimonial: Oxyman Pty Ltd

Re: Store Finder

Just dropping you a line in regard to Store Finder to thank you for such an easy successful way to enhance our products and sales.

As you know, we searched the market place for a system that could provide an efficient online program for customers to locate outlets to purchase our products. As a small business, cost was a major factor and then proficiency for updating the stores.

Store Finder met all this criteria and more. We had already done our research in the marketplace and most similar products were too costly. They had high start-up fees or ongoing costs that prohibited us from proceeding.

Through Store Finder our inquiries are now simple to respond to, easy to update, and customers can go online and find a store quickly at any time of the day. 

The final benefit in all of this is your unsurpassed technical support – you have made support and backup so available, either email, Skype, MSN Messenger, or Phone 24/7 – we couldn't ask for better.

I have recommended Store Finder to everyone. Anyone in business who has a product or service out in the marketplace should use STORE FINDER.

Anyone can contact this office to verify the validity of your product.

I wish to thank you and look forward to a long and very fruitful relationship.


Karen R. Levin
Business Development Manager
Oxyman Pty Ltd

Testimonial: Aqua Seal

StoreFinder has been a wonderful inclusion to our web site.

It gives our loyal customers the opportunity to increase their exposure & sales without it costing them one cent.

StoreFinder is also very helpful with our internal sales staff. They are able to easily & accurately direct retail traffic to the nearest Aqua Seal re-seller saving time looking up maps etc.

Updating the database is as easy as 1,2,3 with an easy upload system that allows StoreFinder to be continuously up to date.

Their professional staff promptly customised our StoreFinder look to easily integrate into our website.


A'nge Kokkaliaris
Aqua-Seal STC

Testimonial: VLR Milford Industries

We at Milford Industries have found the Store Finder to be an effective customer service tool !

Not only does it provide a ready and easily accessed tool on our website but our in house customer service staff also utilise Store Finder for customer enquiries made via our 1800 freecall service.

Now it's just a simple matter of asking for our customer's postcode and we can then quickly and accurately direct them to the nearest Milford outlet - Australia wide !

The net result is that we are able to offer a high level of convenient, time saving, professional service in providing valuable detail to our customers.

The Store Finder team should be congratulated for providing such a good product.

Greg Spooner
Product Sales & Marketing Manager

Testimonial: Claims Services Australia

We have implemented Store Finder to help our clients source the closest supplier from a network of 250 businesses nationally.

Store Finder is a great product that is well supported by friendly and competent people. Ours was customised to match our corporate image and web site design, providing a seamless integration with our customer portal.

Well done to the guys in meeting our tight deadline. It was up and running in just a few days and is really easy to update as often as we need.

No IT experience required !

Tom Savic
Business Development Manager
Claims Services Australia




More to come !