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Resources: For Web Developers

Store Finder can be used by web developers to create customised find nearest solutions for thier clients.

Key developer benefits

Reduce development time:
By taking advantage from the proven reliability of Store Finder, Web developers can quickly develop professional find nearest outlet solutions for clients in a minimum amount of time.

Professional XML API:
Store Finder is able to output XML results which can be used by Web developers to create custom store locating solutions which precisely match their clients needs. The XML API allows web developers to fully integrate Store Finder quickly and easily using AJAX or other standard web technologies.

Customisable fields and data types:
Customisable fields and data types allow information to be displayed and used in a variety of useful ways. For example, email addresses can be clickable and links to PDF files can automatically download and open the document.
  read more on store finder fields and data types

Powerful search / query engine:
Search feature allows you to specify special search criteria in addition to the desired location. This mechanism allows you to narrow results to not only within a postcode, but to within a postcode AND additionally specified criteria.
  read more on the store finder query engine

Fully documented:
Store Finder comes with a detailed manual that clearly defines the features and functions of Store Finder and how web developers can get the most from them.

Supports tens of thousands of outlets:
Virtually an unlimited number of outlets are supported. No one has yet found a limit.

Why work with us?

Available to work with developers:
We are experienced programmers and are available to answer questions and to provide prompt personal service and technical assistance.

Partner with Store Finder:
Our partnering program allows Web developers to earn money with Store Finder.

How it works

Using Popup Store Finder

Providing visitors with a Store Finder pop-up interface allowing them to perform lookups and get results, typically takes just 15 minutes and requires two lines of HTML code.

Using AJAX Store Finder

By using our AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) interface you can have store finder functionality seamlessly embedded in any page of your website in ten minutes, using just three lines of HTML code. Step-by-step directions are provided in our manual.

Using XML Store Finder

Access to Store Finder XML is via a special URL. By converting the returned XML values into data objects you can easily build your own results pages.

Sample XML output

By abstracting results from formatting, Store Finder becomes a powerful tool for Web developers. Following is a typical output from Store Finder XML.



<field name="Locality">LEICHHARDT</field>
<field name="State">NSW</field>
<field name="Postcode">2040</field>
<field name="Country">AU</field>
<field name="Maps">SFMAPS</field>



<field name="Name">BLOOMS CHEMIST</field>
<field name="Addr1">SHOP 46</field>
<field name="Addr2">MARKET TOWN</field>
<field name="Suburb">LEICHHARDT</field>
<field name="Postcode">2040</field>
<field name="State">NSW</field>
<field name="Contact Name">Brett Leslight</field>
<field name="Phone">02 9560 9908</field>
<field name="E-mail" type="EMAIL"></field>
<field name="Web" type="URL">www.bloom.com</field>