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StoreFinder Features:

Store Finder is ideally suited for wholesalers, franchisors, dealers and other multi-outlet based businesses.  Customer contact centres are able to use Store Finder to provide fast and timely outlet information to customers.

Standard Store Finder features

Provide your Customers with Powerful Outlet Search
Direct visitors quickly and easily to your nearest outlet.
Precise and Relevant results accurate to within the radius of a postcode.
Easy search by postcode or suburb.
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Can be Used Internally on Intranets or for Call Centres:
Companies can use StoreFinder internally so that when a caller enquires, staff can quickly find relevant outlet location information.
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Easy to Set Up and Update:
No complicated programming or scripts means you can get started in 15 minutes. User friendly content management. Update your own point of sale database no matter how large. Uploading amendments to your retailer list using an easy to use web interface.
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Powerful filtering engine narrows visitor searches:
Store Finder normally returns the nearest stores to a given postcode or suburb. Filters allow the user to specify additional search criteria. In this way users can narrow the results to stores offering, for example, late night trading, bulk discounts or whatever special field is appropriate to your business. By narrowing their searches, users have more control over the results which are displayed.
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Fully Supported:
Free software upgrades. Free technical support.

Confidentiality Commitment:
We take every measure to safeguard information about you and your business.
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Latest Features

Store Finder live local street maps:
Store Finder maps provides automatic live local mapping of outlet locations. Providing users with a detailed map of the area allows them to quickly pinpoint exactly where the retail outlet is located, and how to best get there.
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Comprehensive Australian and New Zealand Coverage:
Store Finder now services all areas of Australia and New Zealand including detailed street level maps of all regions.
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Territory Manager:
Store Finder’s Territory Management system caters to the needs of businesses that service multiple postcodes (such as a mobile mechanic franchise where each mechanic is designated a "sales area" to work in).
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AJAX system ready to go:
By using our self-contained AJAX solution you can have store finder functionality seamlessly embedded in any page of your website in ten minutes, using just three lines of HTML code.
  read about store finder AJAX technology

Built-in diagnostics automatically check locations data:
The artificially intelligent Data Guard automatically checks uploaded data files for errors and mismatches. This provides peace of mind knowing that all your suburbs and postcodes and addresses all matchup correctly.
  read more about the built-in diagnostic tools

Powerful matching system overcomes misspellings and typing errors:
Intelligent software guesses 'what you meant' and eliminates user frustration.
  read more about the place name matching system

Android, iPhone / iPad, PDA and Blackberry supported:
Store Finder is designed to support all web enabled Smart phones, PDAs, Blackberrys and all iPhones, iPads and Android phones and devices, enabling users to locate their nearest outlet while they are in the field.